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The bittering
Fecha de publicación: 14 junio 2010

It is a fact, unfortunately duly established that children are irresistibly drawn to ingest the content of all kinds of packages or bottles of bright colors. This can lead to poisoning of a serious nature, especially in case of ingesting household cleaning products.

One solution to alleviate this situation would be eliminate the desire of children to put in their mouths these products, so it was thought to include in their composition a bittering substance whose chemical properties (colorless, odorless , etc.) did not influence the specific features of the product. This would result in most cases the child immediately rejected such a product while dissuade him of a new attempt.

Currently, although not completely spread, household cleaning products include in its manufacturing process these security bittering substances that do not alter self-efficacy of the product containing it and which are harmless to health. Such a move, seen as an eminently defensive about the possibility of poisoning by ingestion of these products by the child should be extended to other range of products.

However, this does not absolve you comply with the most basic safety rule: leave household products out of reach and sight of children.

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