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Managing Director in "moodelli"

Fecha de publicación: 04/03/2013

Infancia Segura: What does extensible cot "moodelli babybox" consist of ?.

R: It is an extensible minicot/cot that grows together with the baby and can be moved easily of environment thanks to their wheels, allowing to promote the links of affection with the baby. His design is not out of tune in any site thanks to his diaphanous and minimalist forms. The extensible cot "moodelli Babybox" , that is growing with the baby, avoids the need to buy first a wicker cot or a minicradle, which remains obsolete after three months. This beautiful cot is a stable and secure and it is very comfortable for the child to sleep since it is born up to two years. Later on it is possible to continue using as toy storage booth, so the life of the object is extended.


IS: Any new product takes implicitly an aim. Which has been the one that has carried out to you to design such an attractive product ?.

R: The principal aim that we proposed ourselves and I believe we have achieved fully is to have introduced the universal concept of growth relating the cot to the size of the baby. From the beginning we have believed in the idea of thinking about the current parents and about the comfort and safety of the baby. The fact that it is growing with the baby, it avoids to purchase first a wicker cot or a minicradle, which remains obsolete after three months and then a cot. It is about a cot that is mixing up design, the most demanding regulation, and independent systems of safety, which serves in order that the child sleeps safety since it is born up to two years in a place perfectly adapted to his own growth. Several values have been thought in its design: the paediatric value (comfort and safety in the growth process of the baby), the "functional value" (mobility and versatility when the child grows) and the "emotional value" (it generates self-confidence in the baby and promotes the affection between the child and his progenitors, who spend more time together enjoying a design of perfect lines that it will fit in pleasantly in every environment).


IS: Which is the system that allows the adjustment of the extensible cot "moodelli babybox " as the child grows ?.

R: An extensible and mobile bed base composed by two combs in the shape of pods that are embedded between them, allows the extension/contraction of the cot and a system of vertical supports its height regulation. Two small pieces with screws on them fix both boxes in every of the three stages and a system of top-end prevents both boxes to be dislocated in the case the screws have not been inserted.


IS: Which advantages do you think the extensible cot "moodelli babybox" brings to the baby and parents?.

R: The principal advantage of the extensible cot "moodelli babybox" is to have introduced the universal concept of growth relating the cot to the size of the baby, to avoid the stress that the baby could suffer on having been moved from the wicker cot to the traditional cot. It synthesizes in one object the different products offered in the market for every age. It is the first extensible cot of the market, and therefore pioneer in his category.


IS: Why this extensible cot "moodelli babybox " is considered to be so attractive for the parents ?.

R: I really believe distinguishing points that make the extensible cot unique and the parents are concerned is to have introduced the universal concept of growth on having related the cot to the size of the baby. Thanks to his dimensions is very easy to move from one to another home room to enjoy and spend as much time as possible together with the baby. So, the parents will feel absolutely delighted. Finally, his later use as toy storage booth extends the life of the product. In addition, the children will be able to develop order skills so relevant for them in these ages, by organizing all their toys after playing.


IS: How does the brand solve the mattresses in the extensible cot "moodelli babybox"?.

R: The brand offers three modular mattresses, one for every growing stage . Three mattresses joined by zippers in order to improve the safety as well as flexibility. Every mattress comes with a washable cover and the core is made of quality foam polyurethane that favors transpiration. The foam is made of special hardness, since it does not have to be too soft not even to yield by the weight of the body. It must be rigid, uniform and comfortable.


IS: Any product targeted to babies has to take implicitly a series of safety procedure accepted by the European Union. Speak to us about it for what it concerns to the extensible cot "moodelli babybox".

R: Actually, the compliance of the demanding European regulation in this type of products is really vital as it is the place where the babies would be occupying, resting and enjoying, so that must be the most safety environment for them. The extensible cot complies with two regulations required for this product in Europe; minicot standards EN 1130-1/2:1996 and cot standards EN 716-1/2:2008+A1:2013 including the new amendment on the cot standard just released in 2013. The safety for us is first and major issue and it is really important that all the parents before buying a product of this category where his baby must spend the first stages of his life be aware of the product standards compliance.


IS: You have also launched other products in the same range dedicated to babies. Would you explain if you have followed the same innovative selling points as you have done with the extensible cot?

R: Effectively, the product policy that "moodelli" has always followed in its company strategy and mission is to develop different products from those that we are able to find in the actual market trying to extend the differential gap as much as possible and consequently creating a recognized added value in customer minds. Following the above argues, the brand has also launched two great innovation products; a five drawer dresser together with changing tray. The dresser comes with three frontal drawers and two side drawers to fit everything related to the hygiene of the baby, a changing tray which includes a magnetic system on the base to attach safely to the dresser. The dresser "moodelli dressi" is a piece of contemporary that guarantees ergonomics and safety. The lamp "moodelli dimerlam" is a beautiful and entertaining object of decoration that allows to modulate the intensity of the light mechanically, with an entertaining and "magic" effect. You do not switch on the light, but you release it. It simulates the concept of growth of the extensible cot and simulates the design of the pods on the cot and dresser.


IS: Any of the products has achieved any relevant award? Have they been patented?

R: The extensible cot "moodelli babybox" has obtained awards as relevant as the Gold Medal of the WIPO to the best patent of invention or the best product in the American ICFF design trade fair.


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