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Interview with an Expert

CEO of Bebe Innova (Exclusive importer of Dr Brown's for Spain and Portugal)

Fecha de publicación: 11/05/2010

Infancia Segura: What are the features that make a bottle ideal?

R: It's obvious that there always has been a presumed relationship betwen bottle feeding, colic and middle ear infections. Fortunately, nowadays, thanks to certain scientific studies published in important journals, we understand better the reason for this realtionship. Ie: more frecuent ocurrences of colic and middle ear infections when the baby is bottlefed.

In such studies four fundamental causes have been shown: The creation of a vacum inside the bottle, air ingestion by the baby, negative pressure in the baby's middle ear and the oxidation of some vitamins (A, C & E) during feeding.

A secuential explanation for it all would be this: With your conventional baby bottle, the baby has to fight against the effects of a vacum inside the bottle by succioning progressively stronger which in some cases causes the nipple to collapse. (Some mothers instictively shake or open the bottle so their baby can continue feeding.) Consecuences of the vaccum are negative pressure in the baby's middle ear (similar to that created when the baby tries to inspire his/her nasal secretions) and a build-up of fluid in the middle ear with the consecuent risk for middle ear infections. All this is worsened by the fact that a baby's eaustaquian tubes are less inclined than an adults and hence their normal drainage is more difficult

Out of this information we come to the conclusion that bottlefed babies tend to swallow more air and have a higher risk of middle ear infections. A significant fact is that in Spain 50% of babies suffer from at least 1 episode of middle ear infection in their first year according to statistics. On another subject, other recent studies have shown that some of the fundamental vitamins for a baby's nutritional needs (A, C & E) oxidate in the bottle during feeding.

So taking all this into account the ideal baby bottle for our babies is that which can eliminate or reduce these problems. Meaning one which can eliminate the vaccuum effect (for their comfort), eliminate the negative pressure in the middle ear (risk of otitis media), reduce the air that the baby may swallow (risk of colic), and act against the oxidation of the vitamins considerend fundamental for the well being and development of the baby by separating the air from the milk (nutrition).

For all this to happen it is necessary that the baby bottle have a complete ventilation system allowing air to come in, eliminating the vaccuum effect, and be capable of separating air and milk. This reduces the oxidation of the vitamins aforementioned and achieves the complete elimination of the negative pressure.


IS- Of all these features which one do you consider the most important?.

R:There's no doubt that the most important feature is that the ventilation system be a complete one. Currently there are many systems in the marketplace, but they only do part of the job. For example, when they let air into the bottle to reduce the vaccuum effect, but don't channel it to the back, they don't protect the vitamins and don't completely eliminate the vaccuum effect or the negative pressure.

It is fundamental, again, that the ventilation system be complete not only allowing air to come in but also channeling it to the back to separate it from the milk.


IS- Currently safety is an elemental feature to take into account. What must a baby bottle have to fulfill this requirement?

R:Trustworthiness that it efficiently executes its purpose and there are scientific studies that ratify it's performance.


IS- What are the advantages that have placed Dr Brown's baby bottles in a high standing possiton in its particular ranking?

R:- Dr. Brown's has the only patented complete internal ventilation system, with which it eliminates the vaccuum effect, the negative pressure -reducing the risk of otitis media- and channels air to the back so the baby doesn't swallow it , also helping this way mantain the vitamin levels as mentioned before.


IS- What is the differnce betwen the Dr Brown's bottle and other brands?

R:Dr. Brown's baby bottle have some unique characteristics that make it stand out from other brands. The nipple, its collar, the vent and the tube, together, form a "complete" ventilation system.


IS- What studies have ratified that difference?

R:There are several published studies regarding the reduction of colic using Dr Brown's, the risk of otitis media in bottle feeding and the oxidation of vitamins A, C and E. Among them are:

-"Examination of The Effect of Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Baby Bottles on Infant Colic". Marsha L. Cirgin Ellett DNS, RN, CGRN and Susan M. Perkins, PhD, Gastroenterology Nursing Journal, Volume 29, Number 3, January 2006"

-"On the physics of the infant feeding bottle and middle ear sequela: Ear disease in infants can be associated with bottle feeding. International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology 54 (2000) 13 - 20. Craig E. Brown, Bengt Magnuson"

"Comparative Analysis of Retinol, Ascorbic Acid, and Alpha-Tocopherol in Baby Milk Using Varied Delivery Systems" Vitamin C published in International Breastfeeding Journal 2008, 3:19 Dra Jimi Francis, et al. Vitamines A & E presented in the European Academy of Pediatrics Conference in Nice, France.


IS- Are there any more studies in progress currently that corroborate the merits of this baby bottle and that could even improve it?

R:Research is a process that cannot stop at any moment and thus the merits of a product are constantly the subject of continued study.


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